Dance Workshops


GO! Be Spontaneous – Take Flight

What if you were always ready? How to cultivate this state? Burst, dive, break, rupture, swoon, combust into a dance, anywhere, anytime.

Dis/Comfort Lab

Let’s invite the physical sensations of comfort and discomfort to witness and support potential creative transformation. The past-present and future is now. Who in the workshop matters. We respect and acknowledge our differences.

Dance Distillations: Writing, Editing and Composing

We will write, move and write again. We will read to ourselves and others. We will talk and dance and listen and witness.

Shifting Locations: Between Movement and Stillness

How to read stillness? How to perceive movement (inspired by the perceptual practices of Lisa Nelson)? How to respond to the conditions? We will explore the balance between form, feeling and sensation (inspired by choreographer Deborah Hay).

Feldy Into Dancing

I will offer principles and/or a “tried & true” lesson based in the Feldenkrais Method®. Then, dancing!

Soft, Slow and (never) Boring

This concept emerged through dancing and conversation with Anya Cloud. What happens when we slow our dancing down, way down.