2012 — 2014 Co-Collaborator with Angela Guerreiro (Project Director)

The Live Legacy Project: Correspondence between German Contemporary Dance & Judson Dance Theater Movement (LLP) was a German National Heritage Project funded by TanzFonds Erbe (90,000 Euros), with a symposium hosted by Tanzhaus nrv, Düsseldorf, Germany July 7-12, 2014. Project culminated in performances, round-tables, dyad conversations and intensive dance workshops. Among the guests included: Trude Cone, Paline de Groot, Dieter Heitkamp, Peter Hulton, Gabrielle Klein, Staphnie Maher, Martin Nachbar, Lisa Nelson, Mary (Fulkerson O’Donnell), Peter Pleyer, Ka Rustler, Isabel Schad, Nancy Stark Smith, Gabrielle Wittman and Sike Z.

For more on all of the artists and scholars involved, please see the archival link: