Publications and Papers



Journal Article: “Revealing the Blindspot” (“forthcoming” Contact Quarterly online edition).


Digital Magazine Entry: “Elsewhere and Otherwise” with Agata Siniarska for the Grand ReUnion Project. See: 


Journal Article: “SARA SHELTON MANN: In the Presence of Action,” co-orchestrated with Anya Cloud. In Contact Quarterly, vol. 43, no.1, Winter/Spring 2018.


Journal Article: “Le Sabotage:  A Strategy for Redirecting the Dance.” Co-written with Stéphanie Auberville, In Contact Quarterly, vol. 41, no. 1, Winter/Spring 2016.


Book Chapter: “More than Just a Dance Class: Contact Improvisation in Higher Education.” Encounters With Contact: Dancing Contact Improvisation In College, ed. by Ann Cooper Albright, Oberlin College Press, 2010. 


Journal Article: “Contact Improvisation and Its Influence on Contemporary Dance Practice.” An edited Transcript from a panel co-organized by Jess Curtis and Karen Schaffman. In Contact Quarterly, vol. 34, no.2, Summer/Fall 2008.


Journal Article: “Veronika Blumstein: Platform for Performance of Alternate Histories and Identities.” In Contact Quarterly, vol. 32, no. 2, Summer/Fall 2007.


Digital Article: “Streaming the Performer’s Body: An Interview with Downstream.” Compiled by Jason Farmon in Extensions: The UCLA Online Journal of Embodied Technology, vol. 2: mediatedbodies, 2005. See: 


Book Chapter: “Weighing Metaphors: Dancing with Hilary and Ray Gibbs.” In Taken by Surprise: A Dance Improvisation Reader, edited by David Gere and Ann Cooper Albright, Middletown, CT: Wesleyan University Press, 2003.



Reflecting Upon “Think Gravity – Dance Tank: Celebrating and Reckoning with Contact Improvisation and Performance, a week-long CI dance research project, Co-Curated by Anya Cloud and Karen Schaffman in March 2022. On Panel: Elle Hong, Ishmael Houston-Jones, & Karen Nelson. How do we historicize, imagine, and mobilize CI into the present and future? “Critical Mass: CI@50” at Oberlin College, Oberlin, OH.

2017 and 2007

“Recuperating Loss: Remembering Through Veronika Blumstein.” Presented at the Jewish Cultural Festival, Krakow, Poland and at the Congress on Research in Dance, Barnard University, New York City.


Form in Question at New York University, curated by Nina Martin. “Ensembles Practicing Over Time,” co-facilitator with Paul Langland.


“Inspiring Future Scholars” at National Dance Education Organization’s Annual Conference, Washington, DC. Co-presented with Jennifer Oliver, A Step Beyond.


“Anatomical Research and The Fantasy of Spectatorship: Rocking, Taxidermy and the Red Heel.” Presented at the joint conference of the Congress on Research in Dance and Dance Under Construction at UCLA, Los Angeles, CA. Co-presented with Anya Cloud.


“Many Hats: Dance Artists/Collaboration/Community.” Round-Table at the annual conference for The National Dance Educator’s Organization, Minneapolis, MN.


“Kinesthetic of Crying and Soundtracks of Tears: Performance Grief in Works by Deborah Hay and Ralph Lemon.” Presented at the joint conference of the Congress on Research in Dance and The Society for Ethnomusicology in Philadelphia, PA.


“Divesting Authority: Steve Paxton’s Role in the Legacy Contact Improvisation.” Presented at the joint conference of the Congress on Research in Dance, American Society for Theatre Research, and Theatre Library Association in Seattle, WA.

2008 – 2009

“United & Severed: Collaborative Research and Cognitive Authority.” Co-written with Kristine Diekman and presented at: Conference on Research in Dance, Hollins University, College Arts Association Annual Conference, Los Angeles, and International Symposium on Electronic Arts, Ireland (2009, delivered by K. Diekman only).


“Contact Improvisation and Global Export: Variations on Intimate Corporal Exchange.” Presented for “Art and Community” forum at Naropa University, Boulder, CO.


“Excavating the Dinosaurs: Carolee Schneemann and Prehistoric Contact Improvisation.” Presented at the Congress on Research in Dance Conference, Pomona College, Claremont, CA (forthcoming publication).


“Contact Improvisation and Global Export: Variations on Intimate Corporal Exchange.” Presented at the Congress on Research in Dance, New York University, New York City.


“Fragments for a History of Flying and Catching in Contact Improvisation: Representing Principles through Motif.” Presented at the Society for Dance History Scholars Conference, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR.