Veronika Blumstein

HISTORICAL FICTION: Veronika Blumstein was born October 14, 1940, in Krakow, Poland. A Jewish child, she miraculously survived the Holocaust. Following a wave of antisemitism in 1968, Veronika left with her parents for New York City, where she lived in exile until 2005. While in New York, Veronika studied art with Robert Rauschenberg and danced with Trisha Brown, Simone Forti, Steve Paxton, Deborah Hay, among others.

Why create Veronika? What does her invention enable? These questions inspired the very love and labor of the Veronika Blumstein Project, an ad-hoc collective of European artists and scholars. Sponsored by the German Kulturstiftung des Bundes (Cultural Federation). The Project manifested in lectures, performances and writings.

The Following Works Emerged:


Horizontal Desire, solo performance, Büro Kopernikus, Bremen, Germany.


Mein Kaddish, solo performance soundscore created with Tony Allard, a memorial for Veronika Blumstein’s mother, inspired by Allen Ginsberg’s Kaddish, Büro Kopernikus, Bremen, Germany.


ReConstruct & Deconstruct: tête-à-tête. Based on Robert Rauschenberg’s Pelican (1964). Collaboration with Peter Pleyer. Commissioned by K3 at Kampnagel, Hamburg Germany.